Arturo is Dead #RIPArturo

July 3, 2016

Arturo is FREE from the hands of those evil peaplo.


The freedom came only with the death.


#FreeArturo FAIL






Argentina zoo GOING DOWN !

In Argentina on the capital Buenos Aires the zoo will gonna put down.


The zoo will be destroied and they will make a park the animais will go to the wild in freedom.

It not existed a new generation of slaves in the capital of Argentina.

Congratulations to brave fight of the friends of the NGO #SinZoo were very protests, demonstrations and actions to reach this point. So many other anonymous who fought, a big strong hugs!




Horrifying dead bodies of Tiger cubs in a JAR

Thai police charge Tiger Temple monks with wildlife trafficking after yet another gruesome discovery of 20 dead cubs in jars

Thai police have charged 22 people, including three Buddhist monks, with wildlife trafficking as they continue to make gruesome discoveries at the  infamous Tiger Temple.

Wildlife officials found 20 jars containing dead bodies of tiger cubs at the Wat Pha Luang Ta Bua temple in Kanchanaburi province, north-west of Bangkok Thainland.

They made the horrifying find just two days after uncovering the bodies of 40 dead tiger cubs in freezers on the temple’s grounds.


One activist from Switzerland enter on a Argentinian Zoo and FREE more then one hundred birds.

One activist from Switzerland enter on a Argentinian Zoo and FREE more then one hundred birds.

13 August 2014 – Argentina – Santiago del Estero


“Gérald Mayol Sandre Laury” resident on Geneva Switzerland travel to Santiago del Estero ( ) a city on Argentina south america.
and he checked into a hotel on downtown, after this he move to a camping “Las Casuarinas” near the “San Francisco de Asís Zoo” after this enter on the zoo and open the cages where more then 100 birds were prisoners, and release then all.


A few hours after he set free all bird, he was arrest and still in the jail.

He did not offer any resistance, and said to the police he is from Greenpeace.

A contact was made with the embassy of Switzerland, and a lawyer is defending him.

According to the lawyer who represented him, “convinced that the birds should not be in captivity, he decided to enter the zoo and release then. I assure you he is not a indigent.”.



Here a video about this news.



There is one the internet a website denouncing the conditions of animal in the zoo since 2012.


On the internet you can found a petition to close this zoo.

And a Street Demostration Against the Zoo.


Now you can also find a campaign to set him free.







Some Link in Spanish:

A tiger attacked a child at a unsafe zoo in Brazil

30/07/2014 19:54

Tiger attacks child in unsafe Zoo in Brazil and child loses arm.


  • A 11 year boy was attacked at the unsafe zoo in the city of Cascavel (translating Rattlesnake) by a tiger.
  • The security guard who made the security of the place, left his post, in that moment the children jumped a small wire fence and had access to his cage.







  • The chidren start to “play” with the animal puting her arm into the cage in a moment the tiger attaccked.




  • There is a many peaplo posting the pictures of wound of the child on the internet we will not gonna do that here.


Firefighters were called and the boy was intubated at the site and taken to hospital.

rescue_01  rescue_03


  • Moments before the boy “played” with a lion.



  • The police was called to the local and will go investigate the case.



  •  The attack was not recorded.
  •   A piece from the arm of the children stay in the cage.




  •  Boy has arm amputated.




NEWS IN BRAZIL:–1037-20140730,7548516.html,439994/crianca-e-atacada-por-tigre-e-tem-braco-dilacerado-acao-foi-filmada.shtml

  • 31/07/2014,553914/pai-de-menino-atacado-por-tigre-em-zoologico-respondera-por-lesao-corporal-grave.shtml,281660,01,01,Menino-atacado-por-tigre-em-zoo-de-Cascavel-tem-braco-amputado





‘Dulce’ Tigre le arranca la mano a un niño en un zoológico (video)

Tiger Attack: Boy Loses Arm At Brazil Zoo

Tiger Attack: Boy Loses Arm At Brazil Zoo

Tiger Attack: Boy Loses Arm At Brazil Zoo

‘Dulce’ Tigre le arranca la mano a un niño en un zoológico (video)

I can’t feel my arm, shouts 11-yr-old whose arm is ripped off by tiger in Brazil zoo

Boy, 11, Loses Hand After Father Lifts Him Into Zoo Enclosure To Stroke Tiger (GRAPHIC PICTURES, VIDEO)

Horrific moment boy is mauled by tiger causing him to lose his arm in a zoo

Boy mauled by tiger after jumping over zoo barriers (GRAPHIC)

ब्राजील के चिड़‍ियाघर में बाघा ने खाया बच्‍चे का हाथ, वीडियो वायरल

Boy, 11, has his hand torn off by a tiger at Brazilian zoo after his father let him climb over safety barrier and stroke it in its cage

Boy has hand ripped off by tiger after feeding the animal at a zoo





TIGER ATTACK BRAZIL. One child loses the arm at Cascavel Zoo in Brazil

Menino perde braço ao ser atacado por tigre em zoológico – Cascavel no Paraná

Tigre ataca garoto de 11 anos em zoo do Paraná-Datena

Menino tem braço dilacerado por tigre no zoológico de Cascavel -CATVE

  • 31/07/2014

Zoológico esta fora da legislação exigida pelo IBAMA segundo diretor do meio ambiente de Cascavel.

Criança de 11 anos é atacada por tigre em zoológico de Cascavel (31/07)

‘I’m Going To Die’ Cries BOY after Attack from TIGER leaves Him With One Less Hand

Tiger attacks boy, 11, at Brazilian zoo after his father let him climb over safety barrier – Brazil

Tiger Attack: Boy Loses Arm At Brazil Zoo

Criança tem braço amputado após tentar dar comida a tigre no Paraná




Bandidos roubam animais do zoológico de Cascavel

Em ação ousada, macacos libertam colegas presos em zoológico de Cascavel